A real learning experience.

The past 5 weeks have been a whirlwind of learning and opportunities. Today, I am using Twitter to keep up on everyday happenings in the journalism and public relations fields and as well as blogging about relevant topics. I feel as if I have advanced myself and made myself more marketable.
Prior to this class, I felt as if I had no “in” with the PR field. I was not sure how I was going to gain experience and a network without having experience. I had no idea where to start.
Now, I can honestly say I have a following. I have almost 30 people following me on Twitter (not many, but I am only a poor college student). I have created myself a network and opportunities for growth, thanks to my professor Ellen Mrja and our multimedia writing class.
One of the most important things I learned from these 5 weeks are that things do not always go the way they want you to. Technology usually fails you in some way. It is going to storm when you want the sun to shine. And you will have to re-do your project at least 3 times.
Thanks to technology, the fields of journalism and PR now have endless opportunities. News can be reported on faster and in more interesting ways.
I believe I will use all the techniques I learned these past 5 weeks in my PR career. I think social media is going to be a great way to market a business, as well as find out what people want. Many companies are already using social media for this purpose, and it is only going to continue.
Brian Solis wrote a great blog about “5 Social Media Best Practice for Business”. His best advice for me: “Conquer your fears”. I think this opinion is relevant for not just business, but everyone. I never even considered having a Twitter account or blog before this class. I never thought I would post a video or slide show to YouTube either. Was it fear keeping me away? Honestly, I think it was. I was scared my opinions did not matter, and no one would really listen. Now that I have, I am no longer nervous or scared to post my opinions and what I consider relevant, especially in the field of PR.
I have come to really enjoy social media and online journalism. I can honestly see myself working PR strictly online, or even writing online news.
It is a changing world and we must learn to grow with it. Imagine the possibilities of the future, if we support the advancements of today.
Thanks for a great learning experience Ellen!

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  1. Ellen Mrja

    Denise: Thank you for the help you gave me as we waded into these waters. You’ve done a great job and I know will continue to develop as a professional.

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